UK & International Customs Clearance

Navigate customs with ease—Corten's Customs Clearance services simplify the process, ensuring fast, compliant passage for your goods through international borders.

 Customs  Clearance

Corten Logistics simplifies your international trade with comprehensive customs and documentation services: Accurate and thorough paperwork preparation, including bills of lading, letters of credit and certificates of origin. To meet all regulatory requirements.North America.

 Multi-Modal  Customs

You will receive the best service and rates if you require a full container or LCL. We have our dedicated weekly FBA consol service from China to the UK, Germany & the USA every week.

 Global  Coverage

Corten delivers global coverage with local expertise, providing a world of logistics solutions with the precision of regional knowledge for your customs clearance needs.

 Shipping  Documentation

Corten offers meticulous additional documentation services, ensuring your freight complies with all international customs regulations for a hassle-free clearance process.

 Duties  & Taxes

Corten provides expert duty and tax calculation services, ensuring accurate cost assessments and compliance with tariffs, helping you plan your finances and avoiding customs delays.

  Real People  

Leveraging the latest tech for efficiency, Corten ensures every shipment is matched with a personal touch from our dedicated team.

  Live Tracking  

At Corten, enjoy uninterrupted visibility with our advanced live tracking system, keeping you informed about your shipment's status at all times

  Global Coverage  

Corten's network spans continents, offering unparalleled global reach and coverage for your freight forwarding needs

  Competitive Rates  

Corten's pricing is designed to give you a competitive edge, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on service quality

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